SweetBay Breaks Ground On Town Center

by | Dec 2, 2020 | All

SweetBay has broken ground on the infrastructure that will eventually be our new Town Center. Located at the heart of our community, the Town Center is planned to feature the hallmarks of a vibrant and active gathering place: a grocery store, cafes and retail shops, office space, medical suites, and community apartments.

The open-air, Town Center will serve SweetBay residents and the larger Panama City community.

This exciting addition incorporates architectural and landscaping features to create a walkable, communal development to nurture the energy of a lively village street.

“SweetBay has a strong culture of friendship and neighborliness,” says a SweetBay homeowner. “We can just get out and go. I don’t have to load up the kids in the car. It’s already right there down the street.”

Families at SweetBay can walk to North Bay, ride bikes on boardwalks and tree-lined trails and even walk to SweetBay’s public charter school University Academy. Soon residents will have the luxury of walking to the Town Center for practical purposes like fresh produce for a home-cooked meal, or fun outings like going for ice cream after school, or just a quiet cup of joe with a friend.

Residents of the larger Panama City community will find convenient and easy access to the Town Center from Highway 390. The Florida Department of Transportation is currently building the expansion of Highway 390 to accommodate traffic flow into SweetBay by adding a signalized intersection, a 6-lane expansion and new road alignment. This new infrastructure surrounding the Town Center emphasizes thoughtfully designed access points to the shops and the community.

The new Town Center will provide up to 300,000 square feet of commercial space and complement SweetBay’s more than 140 acres of parks and green space and over 10 miles of trails and sidewalks.

“There is a real family feel here,” says Chris Gee, a husband and father of two whose family lives in SweetBay. “We like taking walks and riding our bikes with our kids throughout the neighborhood. We really enjoy the community atmosphere.”

Once the Town Center development is complete, those neighborhood trails and walkways will connect SweetBay homeowners to a charming and vibrant hub where residents and visitors can meet up for dinner or an afternoon of shopping.

You can read more about SweetBay and its future Town Center here. If you’re interested in leasing commercial space or purchasing a home in SweetBay, contact the SweetBay Welcome Center at 850-215-0097 or 844-357-9338.

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