Minutes from the Intracoastal Waterway, North Bay is truly the crown jewel of SweetBay’s idyllic location. One visit is all the convincing you’ll need. From kayaking or paddleboarding to observing wildlife in their natural habitat, it’s like stepping into another world without leaving home.

“My wife and I drive down to the bay most evenings in our golf cart and watch the sunset while listening to music”


While calm on the surface, the nearby waters are teeming with redfish, snapper and hard-hitting king mackerel. Cast a fly from your kayak, or drop a line at the docks. For the avid bird watchers, herons and eagles are a common sight along the horizon.

Paddling out on a warm summer evening, as the sun sets over Goose Island, you’ll realize there is no “normal” day in SweetBay. Whether you’re on a boat or on the shore, every activity feels new and spectacular in the serene waters of North Bay.