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The inception of SweetBay started decades ago with the development of Rosemary Beach – an award winning Master Planned community located just a few miles away from SweetBay between Destin and Panama City Beach in an area called 30A. Along that beachfront strip you’ll find numerous community gems like Seaside, Alys Beach and more. Just as Rosemary Beach would never have existed were it not for foundation laid by those before it, SweetBay is very much a product of the regional success of those beachside communities.

With a team of the best master-planned community developers, architects and planners, SweetBay is quickly becoming a community for all ages, and most importantly a community accessible to all.

With a top-ranked school and first-class amenities, SweetBay offers a unique opportunity to lay roots and raise a family or just relax from the hustle of neighboring beach towns. It’s Life at water’s edge. We hope you enjoy watching it grow into a thriving place to call home.


The Community.

Alongside more than five miles of bayfront shoreline in northwest Florida lies the perfect coastal community. A place where the best of nature meets the best of neighbors. A community where every square foot of your home, your neighborhood and your favorite getaway spot was overseen with exquisite planning and design. A destination where landscape architects have harmonized green spaces, pet-friendly parks, winding walking trails and bayfront access to provide boundless opportunities to find your space.


The Plan.

At SweetBay, we see things differently. We don’t design homes that are simply lived in. We design homes that inspire. And we build a community around them. Here, neighbors span generations and so do their stories. Because we believe true luxury is knowing what’s really important. And celebrating it. It’s home and friendship. It’s morning excursions on the water and sunsets from a neighbor’s porch. It’s parking your car on a Friday afternoon and enjoying an outing at the pool, a great meal at your favorite restaurant and a sunrise paddle on the bay—without ever once having to put your car in drive.


Imagine a life where the can’t-wait-to-do’s outweigh the to-do’s. Where a morning begins with a run along a salt marsh boardwalk and a night ends with a cookout beneath the stars. This is life at SweetBay, a vibrant Gulf Coast community in Panama City, Florida, minutes away from the white sand beaches of the Emerald Coast and just a stroll from the bay.

Time For Yourself

Take a class or stroll along the waterfront

Time for Your Partner

Sip your morning coffee on your front porch.

Time for Neighbors

A community designed for neighbors to build life long friendships

Time for Nature

Choose your favorite outdoor activity – onshore or on the water.

At SweetBay, neighbors span generations

and so do their stories

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