Send your kids to school from the front porch.

What if the carpool line at your kids’ school was a relaxing stroll through the park? What if, instead of car horns and brake lights, you were surrounded by chirping birds and the warm breezes of North Bay? Located within the SweetBay community, University Academy is Florida’s 2018 top-ranking free K8 public charter school steps away from our residences. And SweetBay new construction homeowners receive priority admission to University Academy.

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Academic Excellence

Attracting highly skilled teachers, University Academy emphasizes evidence­-based extended time on core subjects and individualized instruction. The innovative curriculum means more time to teach, learn and experiment.

Creative Construction

Bringing life to a former airport terminal, the academy is a true testament to architectural design and quality. Every facet of the building is engineered for collaboration and ingenuity.

University Academy Spotlight


Sara, a young mother who lives in SweetBay, has a son at University Academy.

“My son gets to ride his bike or scooter to school. When we walk the neighborhood, he knows all the kids. Every time we go outside, he sees someone he can play with. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“He is halfway through first grade and has grown so much. The teachers are amazing and truly care about their students.”