Publix Named As Town Center Grocer

SweetBay, a product of St. Andrew Bay Land Co., announced that Publix has been chosen as the anchor grocery store for the Town Center, a future vibrant shopping destination. The decision was met with excitement and anticipation from residents and the local community, as SweetBay Town Center is set to become a bustling hub of retail, dining, and entertainment.

Publix, a renowned supermarket chain known for its exceptional quality and customer service, will occupy a sprawling space of 50,000 square feet within the Town Center. The selection of Publix as the anchor grocery store underscores SweetBay’s commitment to offering residents and visitors a superior shopping experience with a trusted and beloved brand.

The decision to partner with Publix was based on several factors, including the grocery chain’s outstanding reputation, wide product selection, and dedication to supporting local communities. Publix is renowned for its focus on fresh produce, high-quality groceries, and a diverse range of products catering to various dietary preferences and needs.

Will Randle, Director of Development for St. Andrew Bay Land Co., expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Publix as the anchor grocery store for SweetBay Town Center. Their commitment to excellence, community involvement, and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with our vision for this lively destination. Publix will play a pivotal role in fulfilling the daily shopping needs of our residents and contribute to the overall appeal of SweetBay Town Center.”

The inclusion of Publix within the Town Center will undoubtedly enhance the shopping experience for visitors and residents alike. With its wide selection of fresh produce, bakery items, meat and seafood, household goods, and specialty products, Publix will cater to a diverse range of consumer preferences, ensuring that every shopper can find exactly what they need.

SweetBay Town Center is slated to open its doors in the spring/summer of 2025, and the inclusion of Publix as the anchor grocery store has only heightened the excitement surrounding the project. The Town Center promises to be a dynamic and diverse destination, offering a wide array of retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and community spaces.

As construction progresses, SweetBay continues to collaborate with esteemed partners to curate a diverse mix of retailers and service providers for the Town Center. The selection of Publix as the anchor grocery store marks a significant milestone in this endeavor, providing a solid foundation for a thriving shopping experience.

With Publix on board, SweetBay Town Center is primed to become the go-to destination for residents, visitors, and shoppers seeking an exceptional retail experience, complemented by the renowned customer service and quality products that Publix is known for.

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