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A SweetBay Homeowner’s Favorite Room and What It Says About Kitchen Culture

The very thing many try to alleviate from their homes — chaos — may be the thing that’s actually luring so many into America’s kitchens.

Kitchens are to a home what beef is to a burger. It’s sort of the main thing, the part we gravitate to, the central piece that brings all other elements to the party.

If you doubt this sweeping generalization, just start asking people to name the most popular and beloved room in their homes, and you’ll see. Or just go to a party, and observe where guests end up. Soon enough, they’ll all congregate in the kitchen.

Among industry experts who have written about the popularity of the kitchen, it’s even suggested that perhaps the appeal of the room has something to do with the kitchen’s messy informality. Informality projects warmth.

The ‘Great Room’ Is Great Because of the Kitchen

It’s also true that many people tend to have their morning coffee in the kitchen. Sometimes the warmth from clasping a hot mug on a winter morning is as satisfying and comforting as actually drinking the coffee.

When it comes to morning coffee and kitchens, Jaclyn Shetuni is no different. Shetuni lives in SweetBay’s St. George home and, like so many others, it’s the kitchen where she starts her days. “With the long line of windows in the kitchen/living room area I have a great view of the backyard,” Shetuni says. “I love to sit and look out these windows and drink coffee while the kids have breakfast.”

But the kitchen isn’t just the place where Shetuni enjoys her coffee, it’s the room she loves most in her home. “I can cook in the kitchen and still see everyone,” she says.
“So much goes on in this room, it really is the heart of the home.”

The heart of the home: That’s another universal truth.

Outdoor Living Space > Kitchen Space?

The kitchen may be Shetuni’s favorite room but, when asked about her favorite home feature, the answer points to the outdoor living space. “I love the front porch and the upstairs balcony,” she says.

And it’s the backyard where Shetuni tends to do most of her entertaining. The area gives kids the things they tend to need: space, freedom, grass stains and a chance to be as loud as they want. Plus, outside gatherings give adult guests a time to slow down a bit and watch the sunset.

Havens and Social Hubs

Meanwhile, the SweetBay neighborhood complements the haven of Shetuni’s home with a sense of community that balances the solitude.

“SweetBay has a strong culture of friendship and neighborliness,” she says. As a mother of three, Shetuni is grateful for her neighborhood’s amenities. Her kids spend time at the pool and sports court. They take daily walks on the natural trails and frequent St. Andrew’s Bay a few times a month.

We can just get out and go,” she says. “I don’t have to load up the kids in the car and go to the pool or park. It’s already right there down the street.”