Soundtrack of the Summer

Here at SweetBay, no two days are the same. In fact, each can be wildly different from one another. One day could be spent relaxing by the bay, while another could be spent on the sports court playing a high-speed game of futsal.

So that brings back the question: What does summer sound like? Is it a catchy song about dancing ‘til the sun comes up or a classic rock song that everybody can sing along to? Depending on the person, it can be one, both, or neither. That’s why we have created a wide array of Spotify playlists that each represent a different part of life at SweetBay.

Are you going for a walk on the trails? Try our Jogging Jams playlist. Are you having a party by the pool? Try our Poolside Playlist. There is an option for almost anything you can think of! Kick off your summer the right way with one of our Summer Soundtrack playlists!